Brompton e-bike project runs into difficulty

Troubles at key supplier delays release date indefinitely

Despite seven years in development, the eBrompton is still some way from reality

Brompton’s e-bike project has run into trouble after “complex restructuring” of a key supplier over the past year.


It means they must now rethink the entire project and put back indefinitely a product that they were hoping to launch about now. Having a greater proportion of the development work in-house is an avenue they are exploring.

“Our aim has always been, and remains, the creation of an electric folding bicycle without the compromises found on many other products currently on the market, especially in the folding bike sector,” said Brompton in a press release.

“The eBrompton is to fold, ride and be carried as freely as any other Brompton, while offering all the advantages of electric-assistance. There are still no satisfactory solutions available on the market to ‘electrify’ the Brompton. Therefore, we must again find partners to collaborate on a product that doesn’t yet exist.

“We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for news of this development; we wish the news were better. But as always, we would rather take our time and get it right even if it means disappointing people who expected something sooner.


They refused to set a new release date but reaffirmed their commitment to bringing to market a bike that’s been seven years in the making.