Buddy finder goes live on BikeRadar Training

Find a riding partner near you

Would you like somebody to ride with? It certainly makes training a lot easier and far more social than cycling on your own. BikeRadar Training has developed a new feature, Find a Ride Buddy, which will enable you to easily find other members who live and cycle near to you and who are also looking for company. 


Here’s how it works:

1. First things first. In order for your profile to be displayed in the Buddy Finder, you will need to login and fill in the new Town/City location field in your profile settings. Make sure that you keep ticked the “Display my location” box.  Remember to save your settings.

Fill in the location and privacy settings in your profile: fill in the location and privacy settings in your profile

2. Now go to the Buddy Finder. You can either look for members on a map or have them displayed as a list. Type in a town/city location and select a search radius to find other members who live near you.

Find a buddy, add them as a friend and go riding with them: find a buddy, add them as a friend and go riding with them

3. Once you have found someone that lives near you that you would like to contact, click on the link to that person’s profile and send them a Friend Request by clicking the Add as Friend Link on their profile page.

Find a cycling buddy near you: find a cycling buddy near you

4. Once the person you have contacted has agreed to be your friend, you can then private message each other, swap details and arrange to meet up for a ride.  As ever, we would strongly advise against putting mobile/telephone numbers or house numbers publicly on the site and we will remove any such details that are brought to our attention.


Why not start a cycling group in your area?

Once you have paired up with another member, why not set up a cycling group on BikeRadar – it’s the easiest way for you and your friends to find each other on the site, share stories or photos and to see how you compare on your very own group leaderboard!  If you would like to set up a cycling group, please send us a message via the Helpdesk link at the bottom of the website and we’ll be happy to set one up for you.