‘Businesscycle’ launched to promote cycle to work schemes

Transport for London and partners announce new cycling website for employers

Businesscycle hopes to boost safety and numbers among cycling commuters in the UK capital

Launched by Transport for London, British Cycling, the Cycle to Work Alliance and Business in the Community, new site businesscycle.org.uk is designed to help employers promote cycling among their staff.


The website will act as a “one stop shop” for businesses, providing advice on cycle safety and security, plus tips on parking facilities and affiliate schemes. Registered organisations will have access to offers such as discounts on parking, cycle security packs and British Cycling membership.

TfL have said that they and their partners are hoping to create a “lasting cycling legacy” with the scheme, continuing to grow cycling as a commuting option after the success of the 2012 Olympic Games. According to studies conducted British Cycling and Sky, 52 percent of people surveyed were motivated to ride after seeing Team GB’s cyclists succeed this summer.

“Businesscycle is a great way of encouraging businesses to promote cycling to their employees in a positive way, giving both employers and employees access to a wealth of information regarding good cycle practice,”  said Ben Plowden of TfL.


If you’re an employer and would like to learn more about the site or register with it, visit Businesscycle.