Butter b1 chain keeper – Just in

Clamp-on device for easier chain cleaning

Colorado-based startup Butter’s sole product, the b1, doesn’t exactly break new ground. At its essence it’s a clamp-on chain keeper that affixes to a quick-release rear dropout and maintains tension on your chain when the wheels are removed. This makes it easier to clean the chain while allowing better access to the rear of the frame for more thorough maintenance.


Pedro’s offers a similar product for about US$15, while the PRO version – which also doubles as a shipping brace – runs at about US$30. The b1, on the other hand, costs a hefty US$48.50 (US shipping US$7.50, international shipping US$12.50).

Designer Michael Robson is boldly unapologetic about the b1’s cost, however, pointing to its decidedly more premium construction. The main body and outer knob are made from CNC-machined, anodized, and laser-etched aluminum, the chain runner (as in it doesn’t rotate) is lathe-turn Delrin, and the threaded post is stainless steel – all of which is manufactured and assembled in Colorado.

Suffice to say that the b1 is rather pretty to look at it and impressively hefty in hand.

“At Butter we are keen not to reinvent the wheel but to make it better,” company co-founder Michael Robson told BikeRadar. “The b1 is our first offering and it was designed, manufactured and assembled in Colorado. 

“Made from premium materials, the intention behind the b1 is for it to last a lifetime rather than just a season. The price of the b1 is reflective of getting a hand-assembled, US-made product that’s built from materials that will allow you to hand the b1 down through generations as an heirloom.”

The butter b1 currently only works with quick-release dropouts, but a thru-axle variant is on its way:
James Huang/Future Publishing

The b1 currently only works with quick-release dropouts

As further testament to the b1’s lifetime intentions, Butter offers a lifetime warranty and will also replace worn chain runners for the life of the product.

“We assure our customers that if anyone has any issues with the b1 (or any of their future tools) we will replace or repair it at no cost. We are that confident that when you buy one of our tools it will be the last.”


For more information see the Butter website