Buy a Specialized kids bike, Specialized gives a kid a bike

Specialized US donates in areas hit by 2017 disasters like Puerto Rico

Tis the season

For every Specialized kids bike bought in the US this month, the brand will donate a kids bike to local chapters of the Boys and Girls Club of America in areas hit this year by disasters, including Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California.


Sam Benedict, Specialized USA MTB general manager, said he and US program manager Scott Lee came up with the idea a few months ago.

“The idea was pretty simple really,” Benedict said. “We know that people will be shopping for gifts for their kids and there really isn’t a better gift than a new bike.  I mean seriously, what gift tops a new bike?! We also know that a lot of people know to shop at a bicycle retailer but likely even more people don’t know that’s where you get the quality products and attention, even for kids. Combined with the giving spirit during the holidays, we thought it would be cool if we got people to come into the shops, be stoked to not only give their kids a sweet new bike, but also feel good about giving another kid that didn’t have the ability to get a bike, to get one.” 

Tear into the holidays with Specialized

“That feeling of doing the right thing for kids and those that have lost a lot/everything has hit us hard around [Specialized hometown] Morgan Hill,” Benedict said. “Between the hurricanes and fires, people could use a hand. We spent all of our marketing budget and then some maybe for the season to get the bikes. So we tossed the idea over to our creative folks, threw some kids and confetti on a camera, there you have it.”

The buy a bike/give a bike program runs between Dec 1 and 25 for Riprock, Hotrock and Hotwalk bikes, for up to 1,000 bikes in total.


You can check out Specialized’s kids bikes here.