ByCycling app incentivizes commuting by bike

The app that helps companies pay employees for riding to work

ByCycling is an app that allows companies to reward employees for riding to work

Does your workplace support cycling to work? If so, you might want to let your boss know about ByCycling, an app that logs your miles to reward you for commuting by bike.


Unlike other popular cycling apps, such as Strava, there’s no need to press start or finish. ByCycling functions in the background of your iPhone (the Android version is still in development) and uses GPS to automatically detect when you’re riding to work. The company claims that the app will use approximately 6 percent of your battery during daily use.

Some companies may choose to reward employees with cash, while others may use different incentives

“We believe the best way to have the necessary daily physical activity, when there is no time or motivation, is bike commuting; which is also the fastest, cleanest, cheapest and most efficient way of transportation within cities.” said Jose Díaz, ByCycling’s CEO. 

“ByCycling helps people to be more active every day, rewarding their effort when commuting to work by bike. The app helps bringing colleagues closer and at the same time, it helps reducing cars from roads, making our lives better.”

Companies can sign up to use the platform and track mileage to reward employees. There’s also a leaderboard to encourage friendly interoffice competition.

According to the developers, some companies may choose to reward employees with cash, while others may use different incentives, such as additional vacation time. Either way, it’s a step towards healthier, happier employees we reckon.


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