New Cadex 50 Ultra Disc WheelSystem increases stiffness-to-weight ratio by 41.4 per cent

Cadex claims its new wheelset and tyre deliver speed ‘everywhere you ride’

Cadex Ultra Disc 50 Wheelset

Cadex has launched the 50 Ultra Disc WheelSystem, which consists of a new 50mm-deep aero wheelset with a claimed weight of 1,349g and a new tubeless road tyre.


While many riders will debate whether to invest in an aero or climbing wheelset, Cadex says the 50 Ultra Disc wheelset is for racing across different terrains.

“In any road ride or race, riders encounter climbs and descents, fast flats and tricky corners, group dynamics and solo moves. The Cadex 50 Ultra Disc is engineered to account for all these factors – particularly drag at high speeds,” according to Jeff Schneider, global head of product at Cadex.

The brand says the wheels have already seen success. Simon Yates of Team BikeExchange-Jayco rode them to victory on stage 14 of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, which had four category 2 climbs and a downhill finish.

Cadex’s new Aero Tubeless tyre is said to provide riders with a reduction in rolling resistance and better aerodynamics. Cadex says when the wheels and tyres are used together they require “as much as 1.5 watts less power to beat the competition”.

The Ultra 50 Disc front wheel costs £1,149.99 / $1,500 and the rear wheel costs £1,699.99 / $2,000. The Aero Tyre costs £64.99 / $100.

Cadex expects the two new products to be available in the UK in the last quarter of the year.

Cadex 50 Ultra Disc wheelset

The wheelset is said to improve lateral stiffness to weight by 41.4 per cent compared to competitors.

Cadex says the 50 Ultra Disc wheelset is the result of several ‘technological breakthroughs’ to minimise drag, reduce power loss and make it suitable for use across different terrain.

The brand claims the disc-specific wheelset’s low weight helps improves its lateral stiffness-to-weight ratio by up to 41.4 per cent compared to competitors, including the Roval Rapide CLX, ENVE SES 5.6 and Zipp 454 NSW wheelsets.

The 50 Ultra Disc has Cadex’s new R3-C aero hubs. The hubs use ceramic bearings said to reduce power loss by up to 30 per cent. The rear hub has a 40-tooth ratchet driver. Cadex claims the hub’s design “virtually eliminates bearing load”.

Cadex uses carbon spokes across its wheel range, including on its 42 Disc wheelset and AR 35 gravel wheelset. The 50 Ultra Disc wheelset is no exception, and the Super Aero carbon spokes minimise lateral flex, improving sprint efficiency, according to the brand.

Cadex says Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology uses wider bracing angles to even out spoke tension under pedalling force to boost efficiency.

The wheel has carbon spokes laced with wide bracing angles.

The new 50mm-deep aero rim profile is designed for aerodynamics and to help the wheels achieve their low claimed weight. Cadex says the layup of the rims uses material only where needed, creating a strong and stiff structure.

The rims are hookless and Cadex says this can lead to an increased rim bead width of up to 3.8mm on each side, which helps create a rounder tyre shape for better support, grip and handling.

The 22.4mm inner-rim width is also said to help with grip because it leads to a larger contact patch between the tyre and the road.

The hookless rim and its wide internal width mean the wheelset is compatible with higher-volume tyres up to 32mm in width, which is becoming more common even on dedicated racing bikes.

Cadex Aero Tubeless tyre

The Aero Tubeless tyre has taller sidewalls for a more aerodynamic profile.

Cadex’s new Aero Tubeless tyre is, as the name suggests, a tubeless road tyre.

The tyre uses a compound called RR-A. This compound is silica-based and is said to decrease rolling resistance by 15 per cent.

Puncture protection comes from Cadex’s Race Shield, with a lightweight, cut-resistant Kevlar material.

The tyre uses a single-layer, 170 TPI (threads per inch) casing said to deliver a supple and comfortable ride.

Cadex says the new ‘micro-file’ tread on the tyre shoulder helps with cornering grip and water dispersion.

Designed to complement the 50 Ultra Disc wheelset, it might be a surprise that the new tyre is only available in 700×25mm, the narrowest recommended width for the wheelset.

Cadex says the tyre’s sidewall is taller than other tyres to create a more oval tyre profile that integrates with the new wheelset’s hookless rim to aid aerodynamics.

Cadex says this aero profile will provide an aerodynamic advantage when fitted to wheelsets from other brands, too.


The tyre has a claimed weight of 290g, which is 20g more than the claimed weight of the Cadex Race tyre in the same size.