Camelbak shoots from the hip with new Palos bags

Low Rider lumbar packs aimed at enduro riders

Camelbak has added the Palos Lumbar Pack to its 2016 range, aimed at enduro riders and designed to sit on the lower back and hips. It’s part of Camelbak’s new Low Rider range, which also includes the larger Skyline and women-specific Solstice packs. 


Across the range, centre of gravity is kept low on the rider thanks to their design and lumbar water reservoir, while for the Skyline and Solstice packs wide bands around the hips and adjustable straps keep it snug against the back. This is ideal for keeping the pack out of the way and secure on technical, steep descents.

Another handy feature on all packs is the tool roll. Removable with the Skyline and Solstice, but built in to the front of the Palos, it fits a surprising amount of gear and provides easy access if you get a puncture or mechanical on the trail. 

The camelback palos lumbar pack, for quick trail rides when all you want are the essentials:

The hip-mounted Camelback Palos, for quick trail rides

Palos is aimed at the rider that wants to blast out the miles on a short ride without lugging a full pack, and there’s enough room in the main compartment and hip pockets for a 1.5 litre water bladder plus a lightweight waterproof and a few snacks for good measure. It will be available from late November, and cost £69 / AU$75 / US$75.

Skyline and Solstice have more room to play with, coming with a 3 litre drinks reservoir and 10 litre storage capacity. Both will retail at AU$130 (UK and US pricing has not yet been released).

The women-specific Solstice has several features designed to suit the female form. This includes a waist strap that sits higher over the hips than the Skyline, and curved shoulder straps. A quick comparison between both packs suggests the fit is noticeably better for women with the Solstice, particularly on curvy forms. 

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Camelbak Podium Ice

The podium ice (right) joins the podium chill range, and provides extra insulation to keep your drink colder for longer: the podium ice (right) joins the podium chill range, and provides extra insulation to keep your drink colder for longer

Also part of the 2016 range is the Podium Ice drinks bottle. An evolution of the Podium Chill insulated bottle, it has a thicker layer of insulation, based on aerospace technology no less. The result, Camelbak claims, is that drinks stay cooler up to four times longer than regular bottles. 


Of course, the insulation also means warm drinks remain warm on cold rides, and may prevent drinks icing up if riding in very cold conditions. We look forward to putting these claims to the test.