Campagnolo adds custom EPS settings via your phone with V3 groupset

Latest electronic group can be programmed with MyCampy App

The latest Campagnolo EPS electronic groupset can be dialed in for shifting speed, number of shifts and more via the MyCampy App, which works on Apple and Android smartphones. The third iteration of Campagnolo’s EPS electronic transmission also gets a new, slimmer battery for greater compatibility with frames and seatposts.


While the main components such as shifters, derailleurs, cranks and brakes remain unchanged, the EPS interface that straps onto the stem gets a visual and structural overhaul. Besides working with smartphones and tablets on Bluetooth and ANT+, the V3 interface now has multicolor LEDs that  are visible on three sides, allowing the rider to see information like when the battery needs charging.

The MyCampy App can keep track of multiple bikes, recording the total distance, number of rides and even the total number of shifts executed on each bike. Provided app users take the time to input in detail all of the components that are on their bikes, the app can use that distance information to then prompt you when maintenance is recommended. 

Shifts speed and number of multishifts are controllable in both directions

But the main draw of the app is the ability to program how the bike shifts. Users can customize how quickly the system moves from cog to cog, for example, as well as how many shifts are executed when you hold down a shift button. There’s enough programming freedom built into the app that you can even reverse the normal functionality of each lever button or swap the left and right lever functions entirely, which can often prove useful to riders with physical disabilities.  

Shimano’s Di2 electronic drivetrain is also programmable but that system requires a PC computer; no Mac or smartphone options are yet available.

Also updated is the EPS Power Unit, which is still mounted internally to protect it from the muck and make things more… aero… but it now comes in a slimmer, more versatile form factor that can be mounted in more frames and positions. 


Click through the gallery above to see some of the features of the MyCampy App, which works on both iPhone and Android.