Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit details released

Slimmer battery can be mounted inside the frame

Details of the slimmed down, cylindrical Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit were unveiled last night, on the eve of Eurobike 2013. The new Super Record, Record and Athena EPS battery weighs 132g, compared to the bulkier, boxier first generation unit that weighed about 170g.


The V2 Power Unit’s pen-shaped design means it can be mounted internally in the seat tube, down tube or top tube, or externally on the non-driveside. The fact that the already-waterproofed battery can be mounted inside the frame will mean it’s more protected from rain, grime and most crashes. 

Campagnolo claim the three cell, 12V lithium ion unit – the same configuration as for the first gen battery – will last for about 1,500km on a single charge, though terrain and shifting frequency will have an impact on battery life. The unit is lab tested and guaranteed for 500 recharges.

The Power Unit’s ‘brain’, dubbed Digital Tech Intelligence, has been slightly reprogrammed for better shifting, but it is not known whether it’s compatible with older EPS groupset components.


The V2 Power Unit is reported to be 172mm long, including the mounting cage, with a 27mm diameter at its widest point, though dimensions haven’t yet been confirmed by Campagnolo.