Campagnolo’s resurrected Hyperon tubeless wheels weigh only 1,240g – but cost £3,150

The tubular variant is even lighter at 1,160g

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra against a wall

Campagnolo has resurrected the Hyperon Ultra name for a new climbing wheelset that is claimed to weigh just 1,240g.

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A tubular version is even lighter at 1,160g, but both come at a high price – £3,150 / $4,099.95 / €3,650 for the tubeless version and £3,350 / $4,349.95 for tubs.

The Hyperon Ultra sits alongside Campagnolo’s Bora aero wheels and the Shamal endurance/gravel wheelset.

Hyperon is an iconic name in Campagnolo’s history and the brand says this newly resurrected wheelset offers “lightweight construction, unmatched reactivity and superior handling”.

Proprietary carbon construction with a luxurious finish

It’s a classy-looking rim.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

Manufactured in Europe, the Hyperon Ultra uses a combination of familiar and new tech from Campagnolo.

The Hyperon wheelset features Campagnolo’s H.U.L.C. (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon) layup and C-LUX finish, with both technologies first introduced on the Bora Ultra WTO and Levante wheelsets.

Campagnolo says the H.U.L.C. construction sees the carbon fibre oriented in a specific angle when it is laid up in the mould.

Campagnolo is keen to point out the carbon layup on the Hyperon Ultra differs slightly from the Bora Ultra WTO, though.

The Campagnolo emblem by the valve is a neat touch.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The Hyperon Ultra is Campagnolo’s first rim to be manufactured with one join, compared to the industry standard of four.

The brand says this process ensures optimal profiles of the carbon.

The manufacturing process gives the wheels a notably smooth, mirror-like appearance, which Campagnolo calls C-Lux. This removes the need for lacquer, also saving weight. The rims also get classy laser-etched, copper graphics instead of stickers or paint.

The spoke holes are moulded during the construction of the rim, rather than drilled post-moulding. Campagnolo claims its method makes for a stronger wheel.

Sticking to hooked rims

Campagnolo has used hooked rims on the Hyperon Ultra.

Campagnolo says the 37mm rim depth strikes the ideal balance between climbing and faster riding. The rims are 21mm wide internally and 27mm wide externally.

Like all of Campagnolo’s C21 rims (with a 21mm internal rim width), the Hyperon Ultra is compatible with 25mm road bike tyres upwards.

Campagnolo is sticking with a hooked rim for the Hyperon Ultra.

The brand introduced its ‘Mini-Hook’ standard on the Levante, which is claimed to combine the advantages of both hooked and hookless rims.

However, the brand hasn’t ported this over to the Hyperon Ultra, given the narrower tyres likely to be used, and the resulting higher tyre pressures.

The front wheel uses 21 spokes in a 2:1 pattern.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The front wheel uses 21 spokes in the brand’s 2:1 pattern. This sees seven spokes on the driveside, paired with 14 on the non-driveside. Campagnolo says this is optimal for the additional forces exerted by the disc brake on the non-driveside.

The rear wheel has 24 spokes.

Like other Campagnolo rims, the Hyperon Ultras use the brand’s 2-Way Fit rim design, which means they’re compatible with both clincher and tubeless tyres.

Internal nipples look clean, but you’ll need a proprietary tool

The additional head is designed to stop the spoke from twisting.

Like the Bora Ultra WTO, the Hyperon Ultra inherits Campagnolo’s Aero Mo-Mag technology.

This sees the oversized aluminium spoke nipples hidden inside the rim that are accessible externally so you can true the wheel without removing the tyre. You’ll need a proprietary tool to adjust them though.

An internal polymer seat is inserted into the rim during manufacturing and is wrapped into the rim’s carbon layup.

Campagnolo is debuting its Head-To-Bay system on the Hyperon Ultra. This sees a rounded head fit over the spoke at the hub that allows any forces to dissipate to come out of the spoke head, meaning it shouldn’t deform.

Slim, smooth hubs

Svelte hubs with a matching copper-coloured graphic.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The hubs are noticeably slimmer in profile compared to the brand’s other offerings. Campagnolo says this is to save weight.

They use Campagnolo’s CULT ceramic bearings (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) and are compatible with Center Lock disc brake rotors.

Introducing the N3W Light freehub

The N3W Light freehub is easily identifiable by its red appearance.

Campagnolo is debuting its N3W Light freehub on the Hyperon Ultra. This sees the conventional N3W hub go on a diet, and Campagnolo says it has removed excess material to apparently improve the wheel’s reactivity.

The freehub has 36 points of engagement.

Campagnolo has said N3W Light isn’t necessarily going to be used on all of its wheelsets going forward.

The Hyperon Ultra will also be available with XDR and Shimano HG freehubs.

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A Shimano Microspline freehub will be available to purchase in the future.