Campagnolo releases The Gold corkscrew, and it costs €1,950

Yes, that is how much it costs

Campagnolo The Gold corkscrews hero.

Campagnolo has released a very special limited-edition gold-plated version of its Big Corkscrew just in time for Christmas.


The corkscrews retail for an eye-watering €1,950, making them pricier than Ekar, the brand’s gravel groupset.

The limited-edition corkscrews come in 18-karat Rose Gold and 24-karat Gold options.

Campagnolo for your Barolo

There are plenty of fine details etched into the corkscrew.

Tullio Campagnolo is responsible for several key cycling innovations – including the cam-design quick-release skewer and the parallelogram-style rear derailleur – but he is also said to have pioneered the self-centring corkscrew.

According to the Italian brand, the corkscrew originated from an incident in 1966 where Tullio hurt his hand opening an awkward bottle of wine with a corkscrew that wasn’t up to the job.

The Rose Gold version of the corkscrew.

Minutes after the incident, he is said to have designed a new type of corkscrew that uses a self-centring telescopic bell. This positions the screw exactly in the centre of the cork, allowing for easy extraction.

Campagnolo says the design never punctures the lower part of the cork or raises any of the wine’s sediments.

The two levers of the corkscrew are fastened to the body using chainring bolts.

A ten-fold price increase

Who knew a big corkscrew could be such a big investment?

The Big Corkscrew has seen a few different finishes over the years, including bronze, satin, black and titanium versions. The Big Corkscrew typically retails for £174.99 / €179, but these new gold-plated designs see the price jump more than ten-fold.


UK and international pricing is to be confirmed.