Campagnolo update Shamal Ultra and Eurus wheelsets for 2012

Weights remain constant, spoke tensions tweaked

For 2012, Campagnolo will introduce updated versions of their aluminium Shamal Ultra and Eurus wheelsets.


Key in the updates to both models is the development of their Mega G3 Geometry, itself an upgrade from the previous G3. Its aim is to optimise spoke tension for a more durable wheelset. Weight on both models is unchanged from their earlier incarnations, with the Shamal Ultra clincher and tubular-compatible versions weighing a claimed combined 1,425g. The 2-Way Fit model, which can be fitted with either clinchers or tubs, is slightly heavier at 1,440g.

Both wheelsets feature a new oversize drive side flange on the rear wheel which aims to increase the responsiveness of the wheels. Like the previous version, the Shamal Ultra is equipped with carbon-aluminium hub bodies which increase the weight and stiffness of the wheelset. The Eurus has an aluminium hub body and steel ball bearings that promote longevity of the wheels and weighs 1,500g (643/857g) for the wheelset.


As before, Shamal Ultra comes in three versions; clincher, tubular and 2-Way Fit, all in Black & White and Dark Label colour ways. The Eurus doesn’t have a tubular version, and only comes in Black & White. Prices are to be confirmed.