Campagnolo’s Bora WTO 45 claims best real world aero EVER

Campagnolo's latest WTO aero wheelset is available in rim and disc brake versions

As well as announcing its all new Super Record EPS 12 groupset, Campagnolo has also released its latest all-round wheelset, the Bora WTO 45, which it claims to be among the most aerodynamically optimised for real world conditions on the market. 


Sharing the Wind Tunnel Optimised (WTO) name of the delayed Campagnolo WTO 60 wheelset and WTO 77 front time-trial wheels that were announced last year, the new Bora WTO 45 comes in both rim and disc brake versions. 

Its versatile design is claimed to be designed around real world riding conditions, rather than simply wind tunnel induced conditions, and the result is claimed to be the most efficient drag-reducing shape on the market. In certain conditions it generates negative drag, or the sailing effect too.

Available in disc or rim brake versions, this is the disc example
Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media

The rims are built with an outer UD carbon layer, with moulded spoke holes, so no fibres are actually cut by drilling. The rim bed is also undrilled. 

The nipples of the 3D aero profile spokes are passed through the valve hole using Campy’s Momag technology, which positions them in individual seats to spread their load over a greater area.

The wheel’s hourglass-shaped, and, supposedly aerodynamic hubs spin on USB ceramic bearings with adjustable preload. Campagnolo’s Rim Dynamic Balance technology sees extra carbon layers added on the opposing side of the rim to the valve for perfect balance.

Undrilled rim beds create stronger wheels and make tubeless setups simpler, and the 19mm internal width is ideal for modern tyre sizes
Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media

As we’ve seen for some years now, the rim brake wheels use Campagnolo’s 3Diamant diamond-cut braking surface, which removes the surface resin for consistently reliable braking on the bare carbon fibre.

Increasing wheel efficiency is achieved by overcoming aerodynamic resistance, rolling resistance and the effects of weight and gradient.

Campagnolo has claimed to have reduced the rolling resistance of the wheels by increasing the internal width of the rims to 19mm. The previous generation of Bora wheels had 17mm internal rims and heights of 35mm or 50mm. This reduction is most pronounced when using 25 or 28mm wide tyres.

The wheels also feature Campagnolo’s 2-Way Fit technology, which optimises the wheels for use with both tubeless and clincher tyres.

The disc brake hubs have 12mm thru-axles and use Campy’s 2:1 spoking pattern
Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 wheelset rolling resistance

The following figures are claimed rolling resistance for the tubular, clincher and tubeless versions of the wheel when fitted with an unspecified tyre, at 40km/h with a total system weight of 87kg.   

  • Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 tubular = 30 watts
  • Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 clincher = 28 watts
  • Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 tubeless = 25 watts

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 wheelset claimed weights

  • Bora WTO 77 (front only): 745g
  • Bora WTO 60: 670g/880g = 1,540g
  • Bora WTO 45: 657g/839g = 1,496g
  • Bora WTO 45 Disc — 2-Way Fit: 708g/812g = 1,520g

The Bora WTO 45 rim brake wheelset is available now, while the disc model will be available by August.