Campagnolo’s Zonda wheels now lighter than ever

Rims compatible with both tubeless and clincher tyres

Zonda 2-Way Fit

Campagnolo have released details of their 2010 Zonda road wheels, which will weigh just 1,580g a set and have ‘2-Way Fit’ rims which can take both tubeless and clincher tyres.


To save weight, the thickness of the rim extrusion has been reduced and excess aluminium has been shaved off between the spokes.

The stainless steel aero spokes feature differentiated thicknesses and differ in size depending on their function.

The radial front wheel and left-hand side of the rear wheel – which is less subject to stress –have 2.2/2/1.5/2mm spokes, while the cassette side – where the spokes have to bear the maximum load – has 2/1.8/2mm.


The Zonda 2-Way Fit also features a new anti-rolling system designed to keep the spokes (16 front, 21 rear) in the ideal aerodynamic position, and the hubs have been redesigned to be smoother. The front rim is 24mm high and the rear is 30mm.