Can bike racers dance? SRAM goes Gangnam Style

SRAM cyclocross racers dance in Gangnam Style spoof video

SRAMgnam Style

When professional cyclocross racers practice something, they’re typically practicing skills on their bike — training. But when SRAM asked some of its top riders to dance in a video spoof of the globally popular Gangnam Style, many racers found themselves in their living rooms, practicing dance moves.


On the Friday before the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross races in Bend, Oregon, SRAM gathered more than a dozen ’cross racers to prance it up inside Deschutes Brewery.

“When I went to the athletes and asked them about it, they were all very willing,” said SRAM’s road PR and marketing manager. “Most of them practiced the moves at home. We did the prance, the rope, and the leg-slide thing.”

SRAMgnam cyclocross style

The video was shot as part of a SRAM cyclocross ad campaign that will be running in the lead-up to ’cross worlds in February.

Dubbed “SRAMgnam Style,” the video features riders dancing in their race kits and some clothing bought at Goodwill to mimic old high school class photos.

“Although Nicole Duke brought her own clothes,” Zellmann said. “She has some sky-blue Hammer pants. And Jamie Driscoll kept the Members Only jacket we bought.”

The video “SRAM goes Gangnam…SRAMgnam Cyclocross Style” features:

  • Chris Jones
  • Ryan Trebon
  • Tim Johnson
  • Katie Antonneau
  • Nicole Duke
  • Meredith Miller
  • Yannick Eckmann
  • Tobin Ortenblad
  • Jamey Driscoll
  • Amanda Miller
  • Jade Wilcoxson
  • Jeremy Powers
  • Alex Candelario
  • Cody Kaiser
  • Zach McDonald
  • Mike Sherer
  • Danny Summerhill
  • Julie Krasniak
  • Todd Wells
  • Matt Shriver
  • Tristan Shouton
  • Clif Bar Juniors
  • Daimo Shanks
  • Brian Worthy
  • SRAM swag-toss crowd