Canadian sets new pedal-boat record

Previous mark beaten on Montana lake

Canadian Greg Kolodziejzyk set a new world record by pedalling his human-powered boat 151.3 miles (241.8km) in 24 hours on Whitefish Lake, Montana, on Saturday.


A 3.6-mile circular course was marked with buoys and surveyed on WhitefishLake in Montana. Kolodziejzyk started pedalling his boat, Critical Power 2, at 9:30am on Monday, September 8th, and made continual loops around the course, stopping only once to put on some warm clothes for the night.

Kolodziejzyk, from Calgary, Alberta, received food and water from his support crew by a special telescopic rod so that he could keep pedalling.

At exactly 9:30 am on Tuesday, Kolodziejzyk had finished 42 complete laps plus one partial lap, beating the old record of 150.25 miles (241.8km) set by kayaker Carter Johnson in 2006 in California.

Official observers from the International Human Powered Vehicle Association were stationed at key points along the course to verify that Kolodziejzyk stayed to the outside of the markers and travelled the full distance measured.


The record is unofficial until it is ratified by the IHPVA and Guinness World Records.