Cane Creek and eecycleworks can save you half a pound

Weight weenie wonders

Cane Creek and eecycleworks have recently formed a long-term partnership and their first collaboration is a combined package of their lightest parts, which they claim can save you a full half a pound (220g) from your bike.

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First up is the intensely machined and wasted eeNut preload. This fully functioning carbon steerer preload nut and top cap tips the scales at a claimed 10g, compare that to a standard set up at 40g and that’s a saving of 30g.

Next up is Cane Creek’s AER headset and bearings at just 49g. Compared with Cane Creek’s standard 40 series headset, which weighs 99g, that’s another 50g saving.

Finally there’s eecycleworks’ eeBrake. The company’s original skeletal, superlight dual-pivot calipers in regular fitting (non-direct mount) weigh just 84g(f) and 82g(r). Compare that to Dura-Ace 9100 at 153g each and that’s a final saving of 140g.

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Pricing wasn’t available so we can’t judge the cost of these savings yet, but if you’re the sort of rider who cares about trimming weight wherever you can then maybe this is for you.