Canfield bikes come to Europe

2008 downhill range now available

Riding High UK have just been appointed the European distributors of Canfield Brothers 2008 range of downhill frames. The US company have been designing and building full suspension bikes for eight years and now, for the first time. their frames are available to European riders.


Let’s have a closer look:

The One

The One is a light 7-8” travel enduro do-it-all frame that claims to be as good on the ups as it is on the downs. It offers smooth braking, 8mm and 20mm bearings with custom axles and is  available with different coloured suspension linkages. The bike weighs in at 7.14lbs (7-8″) and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of £1399.99 with a DHX 5.0 rear shock.

Canfield the one: canfield the one


Canfield can-diggle: canfield can-diggle

The Can-Diggle is a 7-8” travel freeride/downhill frame that uses ‘One’ suspension – it’s the One’s big brother. Designed with a low centre of gravity and a stronger tubeset than the One, it has a 1.5” headtube, and a 135×12 Maxle rear axle.  Weighing in at 9.5lbs (7-8″) the MSRP  is £1449.99 with a DHX 5.0 rear shock.


Canfield sauce: canfield sauce

The Sauce is a light 5-6” all mountain frame that uses the “One” suspension. Suited to all day rides it weighs in at 6.13lbs and has an MSRP of £1299.99 with Fox RP3 rear shock.


Canfield can-can: canfield can-can

The Can-Can is the Sauce’s big brother – it’s a 5-6” travel freeride/all mountain frame that use’s ‘One’ suspension. Designed with ultra low top tubes and a stronger tube set than the Sauce. It has a 1.5” headtube and Maxle 135x12m rear axle. Weight is 8.77lbs (5-6″) and MSRP is £1349.99 with DHX 5.0 rear shock.

Formula 1 Jedi

Canfield jedi: canfield jedi

The biggest frame in the range, the Jedi is a 7.75” travel machine. With 2.5” of rear travel this is a beast. The chainstays are extra short at 16.25” which maintains a quick, sharp, lively feel. Weighing in just under 10lbs the MSRP is £1699.99 with a DHX 5.0 rear shock.

Chris Canfield is obviously excited about the new frames. He said: “This suspension blows my mind every time I ride it. You will not even know that you have suspension when pedalling. It doesn’t have that much pedal feedback, no bob at all. The braking is neutral and smooth.”


RHUK are distributing Canfield Brothers frames throughout Europe and are taking orders now, so if you are in the market for a quality freeride/all mountain/downhill weapon, get to your local bike shop now.