Canfield revamps the Crampon pedal

Classic low-profile pedal gets a makeover

Canfield has reworked the Crampon pedal (now known as the Crampon Mountain)

Canfield has redesigned the classic Crampon pedal, with an ultra thin profile, a wider platform and a new name. 


The pedal is now known as the Crampon Mountain.The pedals leading edges have been slimmed down to just 6mm and the platform area has been increased to 112mm x 106mm.

These pedals have a convex profile to cradle the rider’s feet and 10 replaceable pins per side for traction.The Crampon Mountain spins on bushings at the chromoly axle with double-stacked bearings at the end of the spindle.

The claimed weight for the pedals is 400g.

Canfield is satisfying riders’ color coordination needs by offering the Crampon in 10 anodized colors.


Pricing for the Crampon Mountain is set at $149. (UK and Australian pricing has yet to be announced.)