Canyon releases €10,000, 4.96kg Ultimate EVO CF 10.0 SL

German lightweight race frameset is dripping in carbon exotica

Canyon has today announced the release of its flagship, ultra-light race bike, the Ultimate CF EVO. The new bike is based on its already impressively light Ultimate CF SLX, which when combined with a high-zoot build brings the weight down to a paltry 4.96kg / 10.9lb.

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Read on to find out how Canyon has achieved this impressive figure and how many kidneys you’re going to have to sell to get the bike…

The Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD comes in a little heavier than the SL, but features more practical Clincher tyres and the aforementioned integrated cockpit

In designing the Ultimate CF EVO, Canyon has extensively reworked the layup of the already lightweight Ultimate CF SLX by using “ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibres that required special permission from the Japanese Ministry of Defence to access”.

The Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 SL is the lightest of the two new bikes

Combined with the use of titanium wherever possible, this brings the Ultimate CF EVO frameset down to a claimed weight of 665g for the frame and an equally feathery 270g for the fork (size medium).

The integrated cockpit gives the bike a handsome profile

The bike is no wall ornament though. The entire bike, including the seatpost and integrated cockpit on the 10.0 LTD, has been tested to the same standard as the rest of the Ultimate range, so unlike some ultra-exotic, lightweight builds, you will actually be able to ride the damn thing.

Both of the bikes feature lots of incredibly light, German carbon weirdness
These THM Fibula brakes, matched with Tune brake shoes, are said to weigh a frankly ridiculous 120g per pair

While the frameset goes some way to achieving this low weight, the ultra high-end build also helps to keep weight down: the Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer tubular wheels weigh in at 1,100g (claimed) with the THM Fibula brakes coming in at 120g for the pair.

These Lightweight Meilenstein wheels spin on slippery CeramicSpeed bearings
Leightweight Meinlensten

The bike will be available in two stock factory builds — the lighter Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 SL and the Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD with Canyon’s H36 Aerocockpit and more practical clincher wheels — and separately as a frameset, which includes Canyon’s aforementioned integrated cockpit and S15 VCLS 2.0 seatpost.

Unsurprisingly, such exotic lightweight luxury comes at a premium. The Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD comes in at a wallet worrying/marriage wrecking €13,000 (£11,599, AU$18,599) and the Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 SL comes in at €10,000 (£8,999, AU$14,299).

The bikes are available to order now with US pricing and availability due to be announced later this year.

Are you tempted by the idea of such lightweight luxury? Can you think of better things to drop €13k on? As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Canyon Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 SL: £8,999 / €10,000 / $TBC / AU$14,299
  • Canyon Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD: £11,599 / €13,000 / $TBC / AU$18,599
  • Canyon Ultimate CF EVO frameset: £2,949 / €3,299 / $TBC / AU$4,799