CarbonSports custom-painted Lightweight wheels

But what price exclusivity?

CarbonSports’ all-carbon Lightweight Standard wheels are among the finest road hoops we’ve ever sampled but their plain bare carbon fibre finish might be viewed as a bit too pedestrian by some. Those looking for a bit more style, though, can now opt for a custom finish direct from CarbonSports on any wheel in the lineup.


According to CarbonSports North America CEO David Bell, the procedure starts with the customer providing the company with a specific idea of what they’d like to see … and that’s about it. As long as the customer is comfortable with a bit of artistic interpretation, the finish is hand-applied and off you go.

Not surprisingly, adding custom paint will make the already hyper-expensive Lightweights more expensive and even harder to get. The quoted premium is an additional 10% of the retail cost and current wait time is on the order of six weeks.


Ah, the price of exclusivity.