Castelli aims to improve on Gabba and Perfetto with ROS

'Rain or shine' gear for cold-weather riding

Castelli was an early innovator in merging rain gear with normal riding clothing. The neoprene-like Gabba offered rain protection in the form of a fitted jersey years ago, and now many companies have a similar offering. This winter, Castelli upped the ante with a line it calls RoS, for Rain or Shine, featuring water-deflecting bib tights, a longsleeve jersey and a jacket. Castelli claims these pieces all breathe well enough for everyday riding in the cold, but they also offer dependable rain protection.


Castelli Rain or Shine Jersey $249 / £210

The RoS Jersey has Windstopper sleeves and front panels with a ProSecco Strada liner that has its own zipper
Courtesy Castelli

As with the Gabba and the Perfetto, the Castelli Rain or Shine Jersey isn’t a typical thermal jersey. Instead, it has water-deflecting material front and rear to keep most of the rain out while still breathing more than a cheap rain jacket.

The RoS Jersey uses Windstopper 150 on the front and sleeves, with Nano Flex Xtra Dry on the back.

It has a built-in baselayer of sorts with a ProSecco Strada liner on the front that has its own zipper. The idea is that you can unzip the jersey, and still have some protection on your chest. 

Weighing a claimed 380g in an unspecified size, the RoS jersey has drain holes in the three rear pockets and a front zippered pocket with Castelli’s typical close-fitting cut.

Shoulder seams are taped for better water protection
Courtesy Castelli

Castelli LW Bibtight $139 / £125

The LW Bibtight is a lighter weight winter tight
Courtesy Castelli

The LW Bibtight isn’t as water-resistant as the ROS Jersey, instead prioritizing ease of movement. (LW is for lighter weight – this isn’t a piece for Arctic-cold days.)

Castelli uses Thermoflex fabric with Nano Light lower panels to deflect water coming off the road.  

Castelli Rain or Shine Jacket $349 / £260

The RoS Jacket has a double front opening, four pockets and a fitted but stretching cut
Courtesy Castelli

 The RoS Jacket builds on Castelli’s Alpha jacket with its double front opening, flat wrist and waists openings, and articulated collar in an overall stretchy piece.

While not technically waterpoof, the RoS Jacket uses Windstopped 150 fabric plus shoulder seams to keep out most of the rain and all of the cold.


At a claimed weight of 515g in an unspecified size, the RoS Jacket features a two-layers construction of an insulating layer and the water- and wind- resistant layer. 

The RoS Jacket has a high, articulated collar
Courtesy Castelli