Castelli debuts cyclocross version of SpeedSuit

SanRemo SpeedSuit CX combines skinsuit and jersey designs

Italian cycling clothier Castelli this week announced an upcoming cyclocross version of its SanRemo SpeedSuit.


The SanRemo SpeedSuit CX features Body Paint shorts paired with a full-zip jersey. Unlike a traditional skinsuit, the top can flap open like a jersey when fully unzipped, yet it is still connected to the shorts at the sides and back like a skinsuit.

Castelli says the upper has a fit “designed to enhance the range of motion dynamics unique to cyclocross.”  The center front is a bit longer and there is more shoulder room in the cyclocross version than the road model.

Also, since ’cross is often raced in the cold, the suit features a 3/4-length sleeve with the option of a full longsleeve in Thermoflex fleece fabric, too.

The zipper pull tab is oversized so you can grab it with wet or muddy gloves, or numb fingers.

The  Body Paint shorts feature a single-piece construction.


A custom suit costs $250 (or $270 with Thermoflex), with a minimum order of five pieces, through Castelli’s Servizio Corse program. Delivery is eight weeks. A standard suit costs $349 and will be available in mid-September.

The top zips open like a jersey, but is connected to the shorts much like a skinsuit: the top zips open like a jersey, but is connected to the shorts much like a skinsuit
Part jersey and bibs, part skinsuit – the SanRemo SpeedSuit CX