Castelli Sanremo Thermosuit unveiled

Designed for winter with the weight of summer kit

Castelli have unveiled a cold weather version of their Sanremo Speedsuit called Thermosuit.


They claim it provides the weight and aerodynamics of summer kit with the cold weather protection of winter clothing. It combines the benefits of the summer version such as the lack of restrictive bib straps with the thermoregulation of a one-piece suit.

To overcome the problem of heat build-up in a completely sealed suit, Castelli put a lot of time into choosing the right materials in the right places. The jacket’s front panel was developed with Gore, the makers of the Windstopper fabric, with the result being a lightweight, breathable, windproof and water-resistant material.

Its back is made from the fleecy Thermoflex Core Due built from hollow polyester fibres that trap warm air while wicking moisture to the outer layer. The same material is used for the tights and means they’re lighter and warmer than standard tights. Padding comes from the same chamois that’s found in the Speedsuit and Body Paint shorts, Progetto X2 Air.


The Thermosuit is available now priced £250/$349.99.