CeramicSpeed launch Victory Edition OSPW derailleur upgrade for $1,950/€1,700

As used by Bardet at Tour de France, limited to just 25 units

Danish ceramic bearings specialists CeramicSpeed has launched the Victory Edition of its OSPW rear derailleur upgrade system. Priced at $1,950/€1,700 the part is limited to just 25 units, with 4 units already allocated.


Romain Bardet (AG2R La Mondiale) debuted the CeramicSpeed Victory Edition OSPW (oversized pulley wheel) system at the Tour de France last month.

Hand-painted by Ron Jones of ProBikeDesign.com, CeramicSpeed says each of the 25 units is, in fact, unique in finish due to the way they are painted, with each Victory Edition OSPW is individually numbered from 1 to 25.

Claimed to improve drivetrain efficiency and longevity, CeramicSpeed’s OSPW systems, alongside their bottom bracket, wheel and headset bearings, were all heavily prominent during this season’s Tour de France.

The final green, polka-dot and white jerseys of Peter Sagan, Julian Alaphilippe and Pierre Latour, respectively, each used CeramicSpeed components on their bikes throughout the race.

BikeRadar understands there are also several individual riders and teams who are not sponsored by the Danish company and purchase the components themselves.

CeramicSpeed’s Victory Edition OSPW system

CeramicSpeed’s standard issue OSPW systems are priced from €459 but more recently developed units with titanium, 3D-printed hollow jockey wheels, which will set you back an additional €1,000. Prices for the units with the titanium jockey wheels start at €1,500 and the systems are available for Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrains.

CeramicSpeed’s Victory Edition OSPW is only available for use with Shimano R9100 and R8000 rear derailleurs.

CeramicSpeed has already presented two of its sponsored triathletes with a Victory Edition OSPW and given one away in a competition, alongside Romain Bardet using his unit during the Tour de France. With 21 units remaining, a selection of retailers across the globe have been appointed to retail the units.


In a press release from the Danish company, Ben Powell, CeramicSpeed’s Chief Marketing Officer said: “The OSPW System Victory Edition has been an exercise in delivering an exclusive product to those who want uniqueness. We are devoted to innovation and high-quality product development for the benefit of all riders —the OSPW System Victory Edition is a special product. Whether it is your bottom bracket or the Victory Edition OSPW System, the same top quality CeramicSpeed Bearings are used to deliver the utmost performance.”