Cervelo P5 bikes recalled because of 3T Aduro aerobars

Extensions detached from the base bar for some while riding

Some 1,500 Cervélo P5 TT bikes are being recalled because the integrated 3T Aduro aero handlebars can fail, with the extension mounts detaching from the base bar. 3T Design has received 28 reports of incidents, including one report of a broken collar bone and four reports of abrasions.


The recall includes 2012 and 2013 Cervélo P5 bicycles, which are black with red and white stripes.

The 3T Aduro bars consist of four components: a base bar, which attaches to the bike; a forward extension mount, which attaches to the base bar; and forearm rests and forward extension bars, which attach to the forward extension mount.

Serial numbers for the handlebars are on a label inside the base bar under the stem cap on the rear wall. The serial number is the seven-digit number following “FM78-Basebar-.” The manufacture date code is the first four digits of the serial number in the MMYY format. Date codes for the defective handlebars range from 1201 to 1207. P5 bicycles which have already been inspected and passed at retailers are distinguished by a green sticker with an “é” on the underside of the Aduro base bar.

The serial number and date code are inside the base bar on the rear wall:

Riders should immediately stop using the recalled bicycles and contact 3T Design to have the recalled handlebars replaced free of charge with a modified set of Aduro aero handlebars. Three height mounts were originally sold: high, sold and ultra-low. 3T will send replacements with either the high or low mount. Riders who bought the ultra-low mount can either get a refund for the ultra-low mount and a free modified Aduro aero base bar, or a replacement of the Aduro aero handlebars with 3T Mistral aero handlebars with a low-position mount, which puts the rider in a position similar to the Aduro ultra-low position mount.  

The Cervélo P5 bikes were sold in the United States and Canada between May 2012 and August 2013 for between US$7,000 and US$10,000.


This is the second recall of 3T aerobars that came with Cervélo bikes. Last spring, 3T recalled the Aura Pro aerobars on the Cervélo P3 and the Cervélo P5 Three.