Challenge Chicane tire announced

Clincher and tubular cyclocross tires available to the public

The new Challenge Chicane cyclocross tire blends the fast-rolling center tread of the company's Grifo XS with the tall, aggressive side knobs of the Limus

Previously only available to top cyclocross riders such as Helen Wyman (Kona/FSA), Challenge’s new Chicane tires have now been released to the public and should be available in time for this season’s races. The tubular has a claimed weight of 415g and a suggested retail price of US$114.99, while the clincher is said to weigh 355g and will cost US$81.99. UK pricing is being confirmed. 


The new Chicane is effectively a hybrid of two existing treads, pairing the aggressive side knobs of Challenge’s mud-specific Limus with the fast rolling diamond-pattern center tread of the Grifo XS. The company claims the combination will offer excellent straight-line speed on dusty, grassy, and even icy courses while still providing secure cornering grip.

Both the clincher and tubular varieties of the Chicane will have 33mm widths, tan sidewalls, 300tpi ‘SuperPoly’ casings, and puncture resistant belts underneath the natural rubber tread caps. Tubulars will include latex tubes, while the clinchers will feature folding aramid beads and a handbuilt ‘open tubular’ construction that tends to be more supple than traditional vulcanized structures.

Challenge says riders will be able to use the Chicane this year but it won’t be ready for the earlier races. Dealers should have the Chicane in stock around the mid-to-end of October.


“The mold is ready and is on its way to the factor now,” said Challenge owner Alex Brauns. “Start of production should not be long.”