Charge Filter, Freezer, Hob and Steamer – first look

Road, 'cross and city bikes with a difference

During the recent Cycling Sports Group trade show in Poole, Dorset, we had our first look at Charge’s 2011 road and city bike offerings, including the cyclocross Filter and Freezer and the urban Hob and Steamer.


In case you were still wondering – all of Charge’s models are named after kitchen utensils.

The first machine that caught our eye was the titanium Freezer cyclocross bike.

Available as a frame and fork package the £1699 mud plugger is “aimed squarely at the serious cyclo-cross competitor,” according to Charge head man Nick Larsen. It uses a high-end Tange Ultimate titanium butted frame, Charge’s usual bi-ovalised downtube, machined headtube and matching Tange carbon cyclocross forks.

The model pictured has Hope’s 5.0 Carbon wheels, Easton EC90 X cyclocross fork, SRAM Red groupset and finishing kit from Easton.

Charge filter: charge filter
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Charge Filter

With a more relaxed build, this Filter at £799.99 looks like a good choice for those considering a workhorse on the various cycle-to-work schemes on offer.

Built from Tange Prestige steel, compared to the race-ready Freezer the Filter has commuter friendly geometry, a slacker head angle, lower bottom bracket, and longer chainstays to accommodate full-length mudguards.

According to Nick Larsen the Filter is the “the perfect urban warrior”. Given that the Filter is essentially a burlier version of the popular Juicer road bike, we expect it to be another hit.

Charge hob: charge hob
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Charge have high hopes for the Hob

Predicted by Nick Larsen to be one of the company’s best sellers in their city and town dealers, the Hob shares the same geometry as the Plug but uses a Mixte style dropped twin downtube.

The Hob comes fitted with easily removable brakes and singlespeed freewheel. With a rear flip/flop hub the bike can easily be converted to a fixed wheel.

Larsen says: “Sealed hubs, Sugino cranks and a Tange Cromoly frame add to its reliability and robustness. The swept back bars are custom made for the Hob, and it comes fitted with our award winning female specific Ladle saddle.”

Charge steamer:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Here’s the 26” wheeled Steamer – designed for meandering rather than hammering.