Charity helps UK children make one million extra journeys by bike

Sustrans' inter-school competition heralded a big success

Sustrans has helped children make more than a million extra journeys by bike

Charity organisation Sustrans has helped children in the UK to become more active via an inter-school competition.


The Big Pedal encouraged families to leave their cars at home and instead cycle or scoot to school. Running from 3-14 March, more than 1,500 schools took part, with pupils making a whopping 1.1 million extra journeys on bike that they would not have normally undertaken.

Sustrans, which promotes sustainable transport, recorded the school runs via the competition’s website, with the charity reporting that some schools saw a large rise in the number of children cycling to school, such as Ferndale Community Primary School in Swindon, which increased the number of children cycling and scooting from 2% to 75% during the period.

Malcolm Shepherd, chief executive at Sustrans, said: “Each one of the journeys made during The Big Pedal proves that families can change the way they travel if they choose to.

“Everyday millions of children across the UK are driven to primary school, even though most families live an average of just 1.8 miles from their primary school. It’s a distance which takes just 20 minutes to cycle or scoot.”


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