Chris King adds new colors for 2017

New matte finishes introduced and a few old favorites retired

Chris King is known for its high-end hubs, headsets and bottom brackets in an array of shiny anodized colors. The Portland, Oregon-based component manufacturer was showing off its updated color pallet at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show over the weekend. As new bright and matte styles are rolled out, several long-time favorites are being retired. 


In with the new

Chris King is adding matte finishes to its colorful component line
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Chris King is rolling out headsets, hubs and bottom brackets in three new matte finishes.

The Jet and Slate finishes will be permanent additions to the line. Emerald green is a new limited edition color the company developed in conjunction with Moots Cycles.

The Emerald hubs, headsets and bottom brackets are a limited edition color
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Jet and Slate components will be available this spring. Riders interested in adding some Emerald bits to their bikes can place orders from March 13 through June 12.

King partnered with Moots to produce this limited edition Emerald color. (Keep an eye out for this Moots Route RSL. It’s destined for one of our UK testers.)
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Out with the old

King’s pink components are being retired

Two colors have been retired to make room for these new matte finishes.

The long-lived pewter option has been shelved.

And King’s pink parts are a thing of the past. The company introduced a limited edition line of pink anodized headsets and hubs as part of its Pretty and Strong campaign to support breast cancer awareness in 2004. Pink became an in-line option in 2006.

One color wasn’t meant to be

King has developed several new matte finishes. Unfortunately King’s Bourbon bits didn’t pan out
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The most eye-catching hub display at King’s NAHBS booth showcased come classy matte brown components the company refers to as “bourbon”.

Sadly, the mixture of dyes required for this anodized color wasn’t stable enough for consistent production.

The handful of Bourbon components King produced are sure to be collector’s item in the years to come
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The handful of Bourbon headsets and hubs already in existence will truly be a small batch.