Clarks M2 hydraulic disc brakes – just in

New affordable brakes from UK brand

UK firm Clarks has introduced the new M2 hydraulic disc brakes. Retailing at £89.99 for a complete pair, they’re undoubtedly among the cheapest hydraulic stoppers out there.


Apart from still using an opposed two-piston design, the new M2 brakes hold very little in common with previous stoppers from Clarks.

Aesthetically, for the lever at least, comparisons can be made between the new M2 and many of Shimano’s recent models. The lever size and shape look familiar, and so does the way the raised master cylinder runs parallel with the hose.

The hinged split clamp tightens with a single 4mm Allen key bolt, which should save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to changing bars. Reach adjustment is also possible thanks to a 2mm Allen key screw at the lever pivot.

Unlike a lot of the competition at this pricepoint, the M2’s calliper can be split apart and rebuilt, and all spares are sold individually through Clarks’ UK based service centre. Clarks is keen to point out that the mineral oil filled M2s are easy to bleed too. The standard pads use a resin compound and load from the bottom of the calliper.

Everything to get you out on the trail is supplied in the box, including two 160mm rotors, which are rather interesting in themselves, thanks to their distinctly hexagonal shape. All hardware is also supplied, with options for international standard or post mount fittings.

We weighed the complete rear brake and it tipped our scales at 392g, lighter than Clarks’ claimed figure and very competitive indeed. Clarks also claims the M2 has a power figure of 112Nm.

We’ll be putting these through their paces over the next few weeks and will be posting a full review soon.

Clarks m2 hydraulic disc brakes:
Oli Woodman/BikeRadar

The new M2 brakes from Clarks