Clever (and well-priced) head gear from Lazer

Lazer launches new Century lid with features galore

Lazer has an updated premium aero offering with its new Bullet about to land, but the more interesting story is the new and more affordable Century, which combines several feature of top-end helmets with a few new ones as well.


Priced at £129 or £149 with MIPS (US prices TBC), the Century is well served by plenty of vents, but like the Bullet has a central, moveable strip, which can be opened for more ventilation or closed for better aerodynamics. 

You can run the Century with the Twist cap removed
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Unlike the Bullet’s slider however, the Century has what Lazer is calling a twist cap, which is a magnetically attached strip with a vented section. To operate, you you simply flip the twist cap round if you want aero or air. 

The Century also has an integrated light set within a chromed, diamond-shaped rear vent. The light’s battery is rechargeable via a port in the helmet. The light’s claimed is run time is 38 hours on flash mode.

On the rear, a large diamond-shaped vent has a chromed edge and sets a LED strip light into the helmet
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Lazer claims 225g for a medium helmet, or 280g with MIPS. The large pre-production sample they had on show tipped our scales at 298.5g. The Century should be available in October just in time for those dark winter training rides.


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