Closca Fuga helmet: collapsible urban protection

Stashable lid blends safety, utility and style

There is a small but growing category of urban cycling helmets designed to fold or collapse in order to take up less space when not in use. Initially launched on Kickstarter, the Closca Fuga may be the most well-executed version of this concept to date.


The Fuga, on display at the Eurobike trade show this week, collapses in on itself rather than folding. When compressed, the helmet can be easily stashed in a briefcase, large purse, backpack or pannier. The three-piece helmet meets US and European safety standards (sorry Aussies, it’s not for you).

The fuga comes with a number of fashionable accessories:

To keep riders looking stylish, the Fuga has a removable brim that comes in different fabrics. There are also knit covers that the company hopes will be appealing for chilly commutes.

The Fuga is available for purchase now.


Pricing for the Fuga is set at $130 / £70 / €95