Colnago and Ferrari to launch CF7

This technology-stuffed bike certainly looks the part

Ferrari F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen with the Colnago CF7

Colnago and Ferrari have teamed up to create a limited run of 99 new bikes – the technology-packed CF7.


The bikes are made from ultra-high and high-modulus unidirectional composite carbon fibre and use an evolution of its existing 3PRS directional reinforcement system.  But the thing that gives them the Ferrari look is the racing red and black 3K carbon twill finish.

Structurally, the 3PRS top tube is conical, tapering from 40mm in diameter up front to 35mm at the seat tube lug. The constant 44mm diameter down tube features four reinforcing ribs of various widths and sizes, designed to optimise the frame’s stiffness and the transfer of rider power to forward motion.

3D design and Finite Element Analysis have also been used to make the CF7 frame, with the latter focused on customising the carbon fibre layout at key zones to disperse vibration and the stresses caused by uneven surfaces.


Prices have yet to be confirmed; head on over to the Colnago website for more.