Colnago flaunts trad and hi-tech, refreshes CLX

More discs, more retro, and an all-new all rounder

With a marque as legendary as Colnago, you might as well start at the top when looking at its new range – which is just what we did at Eurobike last week.


At the very top of the handmade Colnago tree is the completely designed-and-handmade-in-Italy C60. For 2016 Colnago has an all-new limited-edition Tricolore model that’s limited to just 100 models globally. The Campagnolo Super Record groupset comes with a custom painted finish (by Colnago’s paint studio) with a tricolore (Italian flag) design on the right-hand carbon brake lever and on the carbon crankset.

Its not the only bike to get the limited edition treatment, either. But whereas the C60 is all about Colnago tradition, the V1-r edition (limited to 50 bikes) reinforces the hi-tech nature of its chassis (designed and built in collaboration with Ferrari) via an array of hyper-bright and fluoro finishes. Each limited model is completed with Dura-Ace Di2 and rarefied Lightweight wheels.

The c60 limiteds come in a slew of different colours – this metallic gold version was easily the most bling:

The C60 Tricolore limiteds come in a slew of different paint jobs – this metallic gold version was easily the most bling

Pricing on both the C60 and V1-r limited editions are yet to be confirmed, but we can guarantee these won’t come cheap!

The C60 now also comes in a disc version, which builds on the construction and design methods applied to the groundbreaking C59 Disc. Colnago’s engineering team in Italy have been able to further optimize the design and build to reduce the C60’s chassis weight by over 140g compared with the disc C59, and have brought it up to current road disc trends with thru-axles for wheel fitment.

The V1-r is joined in 2016 by a disc version too, which will add to the growing number of aero-disc-road bikes from the likes of Storck, Cube, and Pinarello.

The c60’s details are anything but traditional with internal hydraulic hose runs and provision for di2…: the c60’s details are anything but traditional with internal hydraulic hose runs and provision for di2…
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The C60 Disc’s details include internal hydraulic hose runs and provision for Di2

At the more affordable end of the Colnago range is the all-new CLX. The original CLX disappeared from the range a couple of years ago. It was a swoopy curvy monocoque carbon design (take a look at the CLD womens machine, more on which below, for the style we are talking about).

The all new CLX, however, takes its design cues from the very well received V1-r, so it carries over details such as full-carbon dropouts and a full-carbon fork (not things we’ve seen from Colnago at this price before). It bears the same stubby Kamm-tail like shapes for the tubing and Colnago has addressed comfort issues with the use of bigger clearances, which will accommodate wide rubber, and a 27.2mm seatpost.

Colnago’s all-new clx claims to bring v1-r levels of weight and aero performance to the masses:

Colnago’s all-new CLX claims to bring V1-r levels of weight and aero performance to the masses

The new CLX is also a serious amount lighter than previous generations, with the frame weighing in at a very tidy 950g. Pricing is still to be confirmed but the Ultegra mix model is expected to be priced around £2700, with the full Ultegra bike at £3200.

The women’s CLD bike has a more organic swoopy shape than the CLX – what does impress with the women’s range is just how keenly the bikes are priced. The 105 equipped model will be around £2000, and the full Ultegra model around £2700.

The women’s specific cld is derived from colnago’s previous generation clx:

The women’s specific CLD is derived from Colnago’s previous generation CLX

The final bike in our round up is the all-new Arabesque, a beautiful re-interpretation of the original Arabesque from the mid-80s. It uses a similar star-shaped tubeset as the legendary Master, but here served up with beautifully handcut ‘arabesque’ style lugs.

Whereas the Master manages to mix the old and the new, this one is unashamedly retro, even down to the 1in all-steel alloy fork and extensive chromed lugwork. To highlight and celebrate this Colnago had built up its display Arabesque with a full swathe of vintage components, from a full Campagnolo groupset to an original San Marco Concor saddle, a fluted Campagnolo seatpost, stamped Colnago quill stem and even box-section tubular Ambrosio rims complete with the brass plate weights on the valve to offset the pinned joint on the opposite side of the rim.

Fancy lugs and bags of chrome makes the arabesque one of the most beautiful new bikes for 2016:

Fancy lugs and bags of chrome make the Arabesque one of the most beautiful new bikes for 2016


The Arabesque will sit above the Master in the Classic collection. But the frameset is priced at £2000, the same as the Master was in 2015 – good news for steel fanciers.