Companion Bike Seat – first look

Bolt-on passenger seat for bicycles

Cyclists will soon be able to give friends a comfy backy thanks to the Companion Bike Seat (US$124.95/approximately £80). It looks like just the ticket for riding to the pub or local café, or dropping your child off at school. 


The 3.6kg (7.9lb) structure combines a frame with a broad seat and a lockable, weatherproof stash box. The clearance from the hub to the bottom of the stash box is just over 15in, meaning the Bike Seat can be fitted above most 26in- and 27.5in-wheeled bikes, depending on tyre depth, but won’t work with 700c road wheels.

The metal frame is compatible with singlespeed and geared bikes. However, to install it properly you’ll need a thru-axle with locking nuts on the back wheel. There’s a generous weight limit of 14.2st (90kg) for pillion passengers, who will be able to rest their feet on BMX-style peg rests. 

San Francisco-based company Companion will be launching the Bike Seat in September. For those immediately taken by the concept there’s a 15 percent discount and free shipping on pre-orders made before 6 September – even to buyers outside the US.

The companion bike seat combines a metal frame with a seat and stash box:

The Bike Seat combines a metal frame with a seat and stash box