Contour action cameras on the rebound?

Investor wants to relaunch the high end action camera brand

Contour action cameras could live again

Less than three months after popular action camera makers Contour announced they were going under because of tough pressure from their rival GoPro, the American company could be on the rebound.


Geekwire report that assets of the Seattle company, sold at auction, were bought by investment company Clarke Capital Partners, an original investor in Contour, for almost US$2 million.

Clarke Capital Partners’ CEO James Clarke said the objective was to revive the brand and bring back the competitor to brands such as GoPro and the Garmin VIRB series, which was launched days after Contour went under.

Clarke said Contour could be the Pepsi to GoPro’s Coca-cola.

Details of when Contour helmet cameras, beloved of mountain bikers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts, might return are still to be announced.


Contour were founded in 2004 by Jason Green and Marc Barros.