ContourGPS helmet cam lets you use phone as viewfinder

First look at new technology straight from 2011 CES

Contour have unveiled a new helmet camera at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that has Bluetooth connectivity. This means users can wirelessly transmit live video footage to their smartphone, transforming the handset into a portable viewfinder.


This could finally mean an end to those ‘stick it on your helmet and pray it’s pointing in the right direction’ moments common with helmet cams, which tend to lack digital displays due to their small size and weight.

As well as cutting out shots of pedalling legs or empty sky, the ContourGPS also allows riders to share the experience immediately after stopping riding, rather than having to link up to a computer first. And users can control the audio, frame the shots and even control the exposure and resolution from their cell phone.

With a proprietary application the contour camera can use a cell phone as a viewfinder :

With a proprietary software application, the Contour camera can use a cell phone as a viewfinder

“Think this will give every cyclist the ability to ensure they never miss those once-in-a-lifetime shots while riding,” said Michael McCormack of Contour. “The Blutetooth technology further opens up a world of other possibilities in terms of accessories, including digital microphones and remote control units. Simply put, it’s what every hands-free camera needs.”


The camera also offers users the ability to capture speed and location in real-time thanks to its in-built GPS receiver. Applications are currently being developed for the Android and iPhone operating systems. The ContourGPS is a 2011 CES Innovations Award Winner and will be available later this year for US$349.99 (UK price TBC).