Convert any bike into an e-bike with Rubbee Drive

Bolt-on power assistance for your iron horse

This little box could well get a lot more people out on two wheels. The Rubbee Drive is a bolt-on solution that effectively converts a regular bike into a power-assisted e-bike, and its design means that it’ll work with almost any bicycle.


The 6.8kg (15lbs) seatpost-mounted Rubbee contains a lithium-ion battery and 250w motor as well as polyurethane drive roller that feeds power directly to a rear tyre. A clip-on sensor located at the bottom bracket determines power delivery with assistance being provided up to a speed of 16mph /25km/h. Once initial installation is completed the Rubbee’s box can be installed or removed in seconds thanks to a quick-release clamp.

The rubbee is compatible with wheels ranging from 16-29 inches:

The Rubbee is compatible with wheels ranging from 16-29in

A shock absorber on a pivoting arm works to ensure the Rubbee’s roller stays in contact with the rear wheel of the bike and doesn’t clatter around over rough terrain.The roller itself is happy to turn against any wheel between 16 and 29 inches and will work with tyres ranging from 20-60mm (0.79-2.36in) in width.

Rubbee claims a range of up to 25 miles / 40 km/h per charge and, while we’re on the subject of charging, the device will go from flat to fully charged in four hours.

The Rubbee’s pedal assistance can be adjusted via a smartphone app. Other notable features include an integrated rear light and holes designed specifically to loop a cable lock through.


The price for this unit currently stands at €900 (regional pricing is TBC) and that’s undoubtedly a lot of money – but it’s less than many e-bikes and it means people can stick with a steed they are familiar with. We’ll get one in to test, so stay tuned for a future review.