Copenhagen’s cycle skybridge isn’t for the faint-hearted

Ride across the city harbour, 65m high

This one gives us the heebie-jeebies – imagine rolling across a footbridge 20 floors up that spans Copenhagen’s city harbour.


This time next year you could be doing just that in Denmark’s capital, thanks to the Copenhagen Gate project. It was designed back in 2008, then shelved following financial pressures, but the plan has been revived for 2016.

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Sky-high cycling? some might like it: sky-high cycling? some might like it

As you can see from these artist’s impressions, the cycle and pedestrian bridge will cross between two yet-to-be-built skyscrapers, with elevators in each tower to haul you up. It’s being designed to allow cruise liners access to the city port, hence its height.


Perhaps too high, in our opinion – just don’t look down.