Core Bike 2009: Dirt and BMX round-up

Atomlab 60mm forks, bikes from DMR and Identiti, new parts from Renthal

Atomlab were showing off their new 60mm ‘upside-down’ forks at the Core Bike show which are likely to be a great addition to any dirt or street rider’s arsenal. 


They’re not designed to offer the plush travel of standard suspension forks, but are instead intended to take the sting and vibration out of hard landings and rutted run-ups.

The company say the design allows them to spec a lighter steerer tube and because there is less unsprung weight than with a standard fork, bar spins are easier. A 20mm through-axle should boost stiffness.

Prices will be £200 for the basic model with welded chromoly lowers (black or white, claimed weight 5.5lb) and £250 for the lighter aluminium Pimp model (clear coat or translucent red, 5lb).

Atomlab forks:
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

Atomlab’s 60mm ‘upside-down’ forks are designed to take the sting out of hard landings


DMR have expanded their range of anodised parts, with new colours for their stems, hubs, seatposts and other components. DMR team bikes are now available for £949.99 – the 26in-wheeled version in ‘Aqua’ and the 24in in deep purple.

DMR anodized parts:
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

DMR have a new range of anodised parts including seatposts, sprockets and stems


Motocross parts company Renthal are entering the mountain bike world with their range of handlebars, stem, grips and chainrings. All Renthal kit should be available to buy in a few months. Prices aren’t available yet but we were told the parts would be in the Sunline/RaceFace price bracket. The chainrings are singlespeed and 4X specific, and the motocross influence is clear.

Renthal’s motocross-style chainrings: renthal’s motocross-style chainrings
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

Renthal’s motocross heritage is clear in the design of its new mountain bike chainrings


The standout BMX bike from German company KHE was undoubtedly the Specter PRO – a lightweight machine with £700-worth of three-piece titanium crank. Other bits include a Cirrus Sanko fork, magnesium pedals, CNC brakes, Pyramid grips and Alchemy pegs. The full bike weighs just over 18lbs and will set you back £1,500. 

KHE specter titanium crank: khe specter titanium crank
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

German company KHE were showing off a £700 titanium BMX crank

KHE were also debuting their new lightweight Affix stem, as well as a range of folding 26in MAC tyres for dirt and street riding. The company are also working on an instant pick-up crank, which we saw a prototype version of.

KHE affix stem: khe affix stem
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

KHE’s new lightweight Affix stem features a unique clamping system


Identiti Bikes were at the show with their range of jump bikes including a white P60 frame built up with Society forks, Hope brakes and anodised Halo parts.

Identiti p60: identiti p60
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

Identiti’s P66 jump bike was looking bling in white and anodised purple

Halo & TSG

Halo’s full range of award-winning rims were on display, as were TSG’s ever-popular pisspot helmets and body armour.

Halo’s rims: halo’s rims
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

Halo now offers rims in this season’s must-have colour, anodised purple


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