Corima is back with these mad £3,000 full-carbon disc wheels

MCC DX claimed to be the perfect disc wheelset

Corima MCC DX rear hub

French wheel maker Corima has today announced four all-new carbon disc brake wheelsets for the road.


The MCC DX wheels feature a unique full-carbon (or near enough) construction with just 12 spokes front and rear.

They will be available in two depths (32mm and 47mm), in both tubular and tubeless versions.

Corima makes all its wheels in-house at its factory in Loriol-sur-Drôme, France. The brand sponsors Astana Pro Team so, if pro racing ever resumes properly, we can expect to see the likes of Jakob Fuglsang and Gorka Izagirre riding them.

Super light, super expensive

As you’d expect, the 32mm tubular MCC DX is the lightest option, weighing in at a claimed 1,295g. Its tubeless counterpart weighs a claimed 1,425g, while the 47mm sets come in at 1,340g and 1,550g for tubular and tubeless versions respectively.

According to Corima, the aim with the MCC DX was to create the “PERFECT [sic] disc brake wheelset to cover all aspects of racing”. 

The construction method is pretty unusual. The front wheels use paired spokes that meet the hub at a tangent, with the orientation such that it resists braking forces.

The rear wheels are more radical looking yet; the spokes are arranged in left–right pairs, and on each side of the wheel they are joined to the hub by substantial y-shaped members. 

Corima calls this “Double torque technology” or D2T, and it’s the brand’s solution to the problem of resisting both braking and pedalling forces, which act in opposite directions.

Corima MCC DX rear wheel
The rear wheels have a unique construction to resist both pedalling and braking forces.

In traditional steel-spoked wheels this is achieved by orienting drive and non-drive spokes in opposition to one another, but Corima’s approach in theory adds resistance in both directions, on both sides of the rear hub.

According to Corima, a high stiffness to weight ratio is achieved by the use of a ‘torsion box’ design, where the rim cross-section is reinforced by a horizontal carbon rib. 

The rims are also filled with a ‘structural foam’, which it is claimed has the side benefit of absorbing vibrations, making the ride more comfortable as well as quieter.

Rim drilling at Corima
Corima does all of its manufacturing in-house.

The new wheels are, of course, more aerodynamic than their predecessors, the 2019 MCC. The front wheel is a claimed nine per cent more aero, while the rear gets an 18 per cent boost.

All this comes at a price, with the cheapest option (32mm/tubular) at a healthy £2,896. As outlined below, they get pricier from there.

Corima MCC DX pricing and availability

Pricing for the new MCC DX wheelsets is as follows, with other territories to be confirmed:

  • 32mm tubular: £2,896
  • 47mm tubular: £2,984
  • 32mm TLR: £3,204
  • 47mm TLR: £3,292

The wheels are expected to be available this summer, but as with all things at the moment, that may change.


We’re excited to give these a go when they become available. Do you fancy some outlandish French wheels? Let us know your thoughts below.