Could this be the world’s lightest folding bike?

Kickstarter call to support new carbon commuter design

It’s light, it’s made of carbon, it folds – and it could just be the ideal commuter bike. So say the team behind The Hummingbird, a new bicycle recently launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. 


Comprising a carbon frame, with a rear wheel that folds under, plus handlebars and seatpost that drop out of the way, it’s a bike that’s been designed with commuters firmly in mind. The designers behind The Hummingbird selected carbon for its low weight, high strength and vibration absorbing abilities, the combination of which make it an ideal material for a folding bike.

In fact, the project team say the bike is the lightest on the market, coming in at a reputed 6.5kg, which is a claimed 3kg lighter than the nearest market competitor. As the project page on Kickstarter has it, that’s lighter than two cats.

A carbon frame makes the hummingbird the lightest folding bike in the world, according to the designers:

With increasing numbers of commuters in the UK travelling upwards of an hour to get to work, often via train, The Hummingbird aims to provide a simple solution to the problem of how you get to and from the station at either end.

The Hummingbird is available with either 16in or 20in wheels, which obviously bumps the weight up a little. There are also single- and five-speed versions, and there are red, yellow, gloss black options – as well as a natural carbon finish – available.

The project has already reached nearly £10,000 of its £50,000 target. Although you can pledge just £5, you could stump up £990 – which gets you a limited-edition single-speed 16in Hummingbird. The retail price will be £1,550 for this model once the limited number of Kickstarter pledge models have run out. There are other options available for 20in and geared models.

The single speed 20in version will retail at £1750, the five-speed 16in retails at £1750, and the five-speed 20in bike will be £1890.


If the funding campaign is successful, the bikes will be available from August 2016 – though if you choose the VIP pledge you’ll get yours in June, ahead of everyone else.