Crankbrothers adds tubeless inflation with the Klic

Modular system is one of the neatest we've seen

It looks like Crankbrothers has just gone and killed the competition with its take on the in-vogue tubeless inflator / track pump combo.


The Klic is a completely modular system which connects various components together with magnets.

As a whole, there’s an air reservoir that you pump up to 160psi with a metal lever that you then flip to release the pressure in one hard blast to seat tricky tubeless tyres. Standard, so far.

The neatness comes from the fact that the reservoir can be simply removed, even when inflated. This gives you the option to take a full reservoir with you (should you, for some unknown reason, not want to take the whole thing) or just have a track pump without the cumbersome reservoir. 

Separated, the pump can be used alone as can the reservoir
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

Many of the pump-cum-reservoir thingys make finalising tyre pressures a long-winded affair, because you generally have to pump the tyre and the reservoir too, but by removing the reservoir you don’t have this extra volume of air to inflate.

The hose and pressure gauge (digital or analogue) also disengages itself and is attached with magnets. This means it can be used with the reservoir (singular), track pump, as a standalone pressure gauge or with the whole shebang. 

The reservoir with analogue gauge ready to go
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

The construction is alloy, which in our experience means a stiffer, less creaky construction, and the feet look pretty wide and stable. The hose and gauge are stored neatly in the pump’s shaft.

How long the connectors will stay good is anyone’s guess, though the pump as a whole feels well made. Our only real reservation is the screw-on head — we’re not fans of these generally because they have a propensity to remove your valve cores with them, unless you’re really careful.

A reasonably wide, comfy handle should make inflating easy
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

We believe they’ll be available towards the end of the year. In the US the analogue pump will retail at $199 and the digital $229. In the UK it’ll be £180 or £210.


You’ll also be able to buy the Klic pump without the analogue reservoir for £90 / $99 or the digital reservoir for £117 / $129.