Crankbrothers merge with Selle Royal

American brand added to Selle Royal's stable


Crankbrothers has merged with Selle Royal, it was announced Tuesday.


This agreement adds crankbrothers to Selle Royal’s group of premium cycling companies which include fi’zi:k, Brooks, and Selle Royal.

“Crankbrothers has always been a very distinctive brand, with great people, strong distribution, and a unique focus on design,” said Massimo Losio, Managing Director of Selle Royal. “The team at crankbrothers has demonstrated their ability to create and grow an authentic brand. The company has enormous potential, and is an excellent addition to Selle Royal.”

Crankbrothers partners Andrew Herrick, Carl Winefordner and Frank Hermansen become shareholders in Selle Royal. Herrick joins Selle Royal’s board of directors. He will operate from the Laguna Beach design center and report to the Selle Royal board in Italy. Winefordner and Hermansen will also remain in Laguna Beach to focus on product design.

“Selle Royal has an incredible authenticity and heritage,” Herrick said. “They are an amazing team, very much in line with us culturally. Selle Royal understands the importance of design and shares our vision that the industry is fast becoming equal parts innovation, luxury and lifestyle.”

Crankbrothers will remain in their design center in Laguna Beach, California and the existing management team and staff will remain in place. The Laguna Beach location will complement Selle Royal’s factory and design development center in Pozzoleone, Italy.

Consistent with Selle Royal’s philosophy, crankbrothers will remain a unique entity within the group.

“Things aren’t going to change for the sake of change, but the future will take a new evolutionary path that it wouldn’t have been able to otherwise,” Herrick said. Losio agrees.

“We’re not looking for synergies, nor is this some type of consolidation,” he added. “We’re looking to grow these wonderful, genuine companies independently yet as a collection of brands that have strong relationships with and a passion for their customers.”

This is a similar strategy to Selle Royal’s addition of the storied Brooks England company in 2002. Selle Royal management retained Brooks’ original factory in Birmingham, England, as well as its people and its historic integrity, while restoring the brand to its former glory and finding new audiences for Brooks products around the world.

Crankbrothers products will continue to be available through its USA distributors. As part of this merger, crankbrothers products will also be available in the US market through HighwayTwo, the sales and distribution company co-owned by Selle Royal and Continental.


Crankbrothers’ international distribution does not change.