CrankBrothers rolls out revamped wheelsets

Updated Cobalt, Iodine and Opium wheels now available

Component manufacturer CrankBrothers has redesigned its three wheel offerings, making them wider, stronger and more affordable.

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In addition to these revisions, the company has also added 27.5in options to the cross-country Cobalt and the all-mountain Iodine wheelsets. The downhill Opium wheelset is still only offered in the 26in diameter, while the 26in Iodine is now a thing of the past. 

All three wheelsets retain the paired spoke design of past iterations. The wheelsets have redesigned rim profiles intended to shave weight and improve tubeless compatibility. The vertical “I-beam” brace found in the prior generation of the Cobalt, Iodine and Opium rims has been removed in favor of a more triangular rim shape, which the company claims retains rim strength while shaving grams.

The new rims do away with the internal i-beam support in favor of a more triangular rim shape: the new rims do away with the internal i-beam support in favor of a more triangular rim shape

The new rims ditch the I-beam brace of previous designs

The new aluminum rim extrusions feature variable wall thicknesses, with additional material added to the bead hook area to guard against dents caused by rock strikes.

The bead hooks have been redesigned and the sidewalls shortened by 1.7mm to better capture tire beads.


In addition to getting lower, the internal rim widths have increased by 2mm on each model to combat tire squirm at low pressure

The hubs have been updated with interchangeable axle kits (included with the wheelsets) that allowing them to be compatible with current axle configurations. An XD driver body is available aftermarket for those who wish to run a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain.

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The wheelsets are available now. For more information visit