CrankPump hits Kickstarter

Innovative CO2 pump hidden in crank axle seeks crowd funding

CrankPump is a new CO2 pump system that’s designed to slot inside Shimano Hollowtech 2 cranks – and the project had just gone live on Kickstarter.


Replacing the plastic cap on the non-driveside of Shimano cranksets, the CrankPump screws into the BB void. When needed, you just unscrew the pump and shove it on the valve – Presta or Shrader – for quick inflation.

The unit, which was created by ex-Formula 1 designer Damon Millar, is made from CNC-machined, anodised aluminium with a tempered steel cartridge piercer.

CrankPump also features integrated, patent pending tyre levers, which the company says ‘unzips’ the tyre from the rim.

The product is designed to avoid having to clamp hand pumps to your bike, or losing a pump while out on the road. It’s also an aero solution for those who hate any potential sources of extra drag. Of course, it’s a one-use only solution though.


Check out the CrankPump project on Kickstarter.