Create a classy mountain bike cockpit with Paul’s latest stem

35mm version of the Boxcar stem now available

Paul Components has built a new Boxcar. By that, we mean a stubby, 35mm stem for mountain bike handlebars.


Paul 35mm Boxcar stem highlights

  • Machined from 2024 aluminum
  • 35mm length
  • 0-degree rise
  • 31.8mm handlebar clamp
  • 118g claimed weight
  • $123 anodized / $135 polished (UK and Australian pricing TBC)
  • Available now
The Boxcar is now available in 35, 50, 70 and 90mm versions

This new addition rounds out Paul’s Boxcar stem line. It’s the shortest of the bunch at 35mm in length with zero rise. Paul also offers the Boxcar stem in 50, 70 and 90mm versions.

Like its longer siblings, this 31.8mm diameter stem is machined from 2024 aluminum and uses four stainless steel T25 Torx bolts to fasten the faceplate. Why Torx? According to Paul, the company chose T25 to encourage torque wrench use and avoid stripped bolts.

The 35mm-long Boxcar has a stack height of 36mm and a claimed weight of 118g.

This American-made stem is offered in silver and black anodized finishes as well as a classy, polished option.

The 35mm Boxcar is available now. Anodized versions retail for $123. Riders who like shiny things will have to pay $135 for the polished Boxcar. (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be released.)


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