Crud Roadracer mk2 mudguards – Just in

Tougher, with better coverage

Pete ‘Mr Crud’ Tomkins’ original Roadracers were launched last year and quickly found a loyal following among commuters and racers thanks to their light weight and suitability for bikes with minimal tyre clearance.


There were a few niggles however, including difficulties fitting them to some bikes and lack of coverage at the rear – so now Crud have released this updated version.

They fit in the same way as the original Roadracers, using rubber O-rings, thumbnuts and zip-ties, but have been beefed up in key areas (notably around the brake bridges) and both ends of the rear guard have been extended.

There’s a new, longer tailpiece, and the section of the rear guard that sits behind the seat tube now wraps around the right-hand side of the tyre in order to protect the front mech and chainrings from spray.

Fitting the ‘guards to our Trek Madone test bike was a fairly simple job, made easier by the helpful tricks and tips on the Crud website. These include twisting the O-rings into a figure-of-eight to improve spoke clearance and adding a little tape underneath the ‘nose’ section of the front guard to raise the tip off the tyre.


We’ll let you know how the Roadracers fare out on the road, but impressions so far suggest the mk2s tick all the boxes. RRP is £29.99.

Crud roadracer mk2: crud roadracer mk2
James Costley-White/BikeRadar